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Preparing for Surgery

Your physician will schedule your procedure with our center. Prior to your procedure, one of our nurses will call you to ask questions about your health history, medications, and past surgeries. Please have all of this information ready.

Please ensure that you make arrangements to have a responsible adult drive you to HSC one hour prior to your procedure, and again drive you home once discharged. To ensure your safety, it is state mandated to have someone stay with you at home following the procedure.

Please prepare for your procedure by not smoking. Smoking and being around smoke, produces mucous and increases the risk of complications. Patients who have a history of emphysema and/or bronchitis should avoid being around smokers for at least forty eight hours prior to surgery. Also, please stop anti-inflammatory medications seven days prior to your procedure to prevent thinning of blood and avoid clotting problems.

Day Before Surgery:

Do not eat or drink after midnight the day prior to surgery. This includes: water, tea, juice, soda, candy, mints, gum, etc. this is for your own safety. Remember, the day of surgery no breakfast and no drinks. You may brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, but do not swallow any water.

If you develop a cold, productive cough or fever, or if you need to cancel your procedure, please notify your physician and HSC.

Day of Surgery:

Remember, no eating or drinking prior to surgery, please wear loose, comfortable clothing and flat, supportive shoes. You will need to change into a patient gown prior to your procedure. If you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses that day. If you don't have glasses, bring contact lens case and remove them prior to your procedure.

Please leave all jewelry, money and valuables at home. Wearing jewelry of any kind (including body piercings) is not permitted during surgery. Please remove all nail polish and/or make up prior to surgery.